Award-Winning Brand Designer

Fine & Graphic Artist


Model, Actress, Filmmaker...

(...and whatever else I feel like in the next 5 minutes)

Music video is out now!

Filmed in Austin, TX in 2023. The story dilates from the artist's feelings of isolation, and gradually into the letting in of new friends, who make her world bigger.

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A Few Very
Kind Testimonials
“You have an unchained mind. Not to be confused with ‘unhinged.’ Yours allows you to slip out of that dank cobblestone place and infect the world with thoughts and impulses of which the didn’t know they were capable.”

– Walter Koenig, Actor & Author

"Why 'Sorry Little Sharky??' It should just be 'Sharky'.
There’s nothing sorry about you."

– Dan, SLG Art Boutiki

"…Sharky is a real-life superhero!"

– Crew of SuperCarBlondie, BBC

"…[Stef] is able to draw…rather simple yet compelling, picturesque backgrounds, [which] often clash with the simpler forms or characters in the foreground, often creating a surreal air by this contrast…the characters are at odds with their singular panel, their creator, the entire concept of themselves or their situation."

– Sarp Esin, Writer, Editor, & Music Producer

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