Stef Schultz

IP Creator

Open to opportunities for licensing fine art, music, and my award-winning character brand!

I’ve had a lot of irons in the fire…
and I run in a lot of circles.

I have over a decade of cumulative career experience across the industries of Art & Design, Tech, and Finance. I’ve worn the hats of Set & Production Designer, Brand Designer, Technical Director, Graphic Artist, Lighting Tech, Creative Writer & Director, and more.


Fine Artist

I’ve been featured in galleries like Los Ruano in Los Angeles, Floriopolis in Panama City Beach,

in the Springfield Art Museum, and in other diverse venues
over the last decade and a half.


Singer-Songwriter &
Music Producer

For 2 decades, I have written, recorded, then composed, produced, and published soundtracks and original songs.
I have a non-exclusive agent working to get my pieces synced for use in Film & TV –
and I welcome new opportunities as well!


Award-winning & Eco-friendly
Brand Creator/Designer

Hunnie Bumble and Friends, aka ‘Hunnie the Bee’ is seeking representation, and to expand market share

for sustainable products! Book release coming someday in the future.


Filmmaker: Producer, Production Designer,
Lighting Tech, Coordinator, Editor and more

For 5+ years, I’ve worn many hats in the Film Industry, working with clients such as Paramount, the BBC, Netflix, VISA, YouTube Studios, ITV, and film studios like award-winning South Coast Media in Houston, TX.
I’ve also directed and edited/produced music videos, and mysterious poetic mini-stories as well – more to come!


Cult Classic Comic Book Series Author & Creator: ‘Misterguy’

From 2017, I successfully planned and executed a tour in multiple cites, making appearances and doing signings at dozens of venues, conventions, and bookstores. I was invited to comic convention panels as well to speak about my work in the hopes to inspire others. Digital versions of the work can be found here.